This time of year brings out feelings of nostalgia in people. It’s a time for gifts, food, and Christmas movies – especially movies.

Several of the newsletters I subscribe to have posted lists of their favorite holiday movie homes. You probably have your own list of holiday favorite homes as well.

After all, who can forget brick mansion in Home Alone, or Rose hill Cottage in The Holiday, or the adorable cape in A Miracle on 34th Street? The movies feature homes where one could curl up in a window seat and watch the snow fall, pull up a comfy chair next to the fireplace and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or just have friends over for potluck dinner.

My daughter calls them Christmas houses because of the warmth and happiness one feels when seeing these homes.

Most people can only dream of having a “Christmas house”… but here in Morristown we are blessed; From Olde Town’s quaint cottages, timeless bungalows, vernacular farm houses, and stately Georgian colonials to the beautiful and traditional elegance of the 1920s and 30s homes in Lyn Mar Hills, and Morningside we are a city of hundreds of Christmas houses that evoke memories and pull on our heart strings.

So in your jaunts around Morristown this holiday season take a side trip and visit Olde Towne, Lyn Mar Downs and Morningside – feel the history and the stories of Christmases past.




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