The Historic Morristown Olde Towne District’s  Beautification Group is looking for ideas for events that will help build community interest, unity and recognition. Anything that allows us to work with the Historic Downtown and the Rose Center would be a bonus.

These are some of the ideas we’ve started thinking about:

  1. 2018 Luminaria (possible expansion)
  2. Olde Towne yard sale
  3. An olde Towne clean up day – where we all get together and clean a neighbor’s yard
  4. Start a victory garden in an vacant lot
  5. Enhance a neighborhood berm

Looking forward to your suggestions… Add them to the comments section below

comment bubbles - ideas for olde towne events

Add your ideas here :

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  1. lkkoukla1979

    Christmas Caroling through West 2nd north at like what was done in the old days. Dress the part and all.

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